Here are some answers so you can retain your throne as grill master at the next gathering.

Instant Briquets
  1. Pour no more than 3lbs into a pyramid. Refer to grill manufacturer’s specification and quantities. Open or remove grill hood and open all vents.
  2. Light pile of briquets immediately in several places. DO NOT use lighter fluid, electric starter, or chimney style starter. DO NOT COVER FLAMING BRIQUETS WITH GRILL LID. Stand back after lighting.
  3. In approximately 15-20 minutes, or when briquets are mostly ashed over, spread briquets evenly. Wait 5 minutes and begin cooking.
  4. Close the bag tightly after use.

    Special Safety Tips:

    • Do not cover flaming briquets with grill lid
    • Do not use Minit Lite or other instant briquets in a water smoker grill
    • If more cooking time is needed, add only regular charcoal briquets.
Regular Briquets
  1. Arrange briquets in a pyramid
  2. Follow lighter fluid container, electric starter or chimney directions
  3. Open grill vents and open or remove lid
  4. Light pile of briquets in several places. In approximately 15-20 minutes, or when pile is predominantly ashed over, spread briquets evenly. Wait 5 minutes and begin cooking
  1. Open air vents and open or remove lid on grill. Tightly crumble or twist 3-4 newspaper sheets and place on bottom of grill below bottom grate.
  2. Place natural wood charcoal on top of grate. Leave at least 1 to 2 inches of air space between paper and charcoal.
  3. Ignite paper. When coals are ashed over begin cooking (10-15 minutes). Add more charcoal as needed.
Charcoal Lighter
  1. Pile charcoal in center of the grill. Arrange charcoal into a pyramid.
  2. Open cap by gripping top shoulder of the container firmly in one hand and flipping open the cap with the other hand.
  3. Squirt 1.6 ounces of liquid per pound of charcoal to the center of the pile. Replace cap by pressing firmly until it snaps and locks.
  4. Light pile immediately.
  5. Cooking can begin when coals are mostly ashed over.
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