Here are some answers so you can retain your throne as grill master at the next gathering.


Natural wood lump charcoal is 100% natural with no fillers. Natural wood charcoal has been heated under controlled conditions to remove impurities, resulting in pure lump charcoal. This produces a very unique product with different characteristics from regular charcoal briquets.

  • Natural wood charcoal is clean burning and produces very little ash.
  • The fire from natural wood charcoal lights quickly and gets to cooking temperature fast.
  • Natural wood charcoal lights very easy and burns very hot to impart a great woodsy flavor to food.
  • Natural wood charcoal perfectly sears meats - producing juicy, mouthwatering flavors.
  • Natural wood charcoal will caramelize the natural sugars in foods and seals in flavor and moisture.
Charcoal Briquets

Charcoal is not only a wonderful way to heat and cook foods but also adds a distinct flavor to your food. Choosing the right charcoal can be as critical as deciding on what sauces or seasonings you use. With Royal Oak, you can be sure our processing methods are time-tested and that we have high quality controls in place so that your charcoal is the best it can be before it hits your grill bed.


Wood products from Royal Oak come in a full variety of shapes and sizes for whatever your need. We offer only selected hardwoods, for the finest flavor and performance.

Hickory – There is nothing quite like the flavor of Hickory Smoked food. Gourmet chefs for decades have achieved superior Hickory flavor by using fresh cut Hickory Chips. Great for smoking and grilling.

Hickory Chunks - These dry, seasoned chunks of selected Hickory should be soaked for a short time in water and then placed directly on a bed of coals to produce excellent smoke for great flavor.

Hickory Chips - Great when soaked and added directly to a bed of charcoal; placed in a metal or foil container to add smoke to prime rib or other meats.

Mesquite – Cooking over Mesquite wood is as old as the American West. Those early pioneers knew that food cooked over Mesquite wood created a sweet, woodsy flavor that enhanced the taste of steaks, chicken, seafood and vegetables. Great for smoking and grilling.

Mesquite Chunks & Chips - These will perform in the same manner as Hickory, but produce a distinctively different smoky, rugged flavor.

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